Ranged Weapon Mods

Mundane Modifications (Ranged)

These mods can be applied to any weapons with the proper requirements and sufficient modpoints. They must be applied by a Weaponsmith, Tinkerer, Bowyer or Tinkerer of sufficient skill.

(Exceptional creations may require specialized tools or materials to create, and are designated with an “†” dagger.)

Taut String | Gnomish Wire | Dragon Gut Wire†

  • COST: 200 gp | 500 gp | 800 gp
  • REQ: Bow or Crossbow

[+1 | +2 | +3] to all damage rolls with this weapon, but [-1 | -2 | -3] to all attack rolls with this weapon.

Internal Reload Mechanism†

  • COST: 1000 gp
  • REQ: Crossbow, Tinkerer
  • SPECIAL: Permanent modification

Modifies the crossbow with a mechanical reload “clip” which holds eight bolts. This modification adjusts the Loading property from a crossbow, meaning it only applies when needing to reload the clip, instead of each piece of ammunition.

This modification allows the crossbow to be used with a shield, as long as the clip still contains ammunition.

Wrapped Grip, Royal Grip, Special Custom Grip†

  • COST: 150 gp | 500 gp | 1000 gp
  • REQ: Ranged Weapon, Bowyer or Tinkerer
  • MODPOINTS: 1 | 1 | 2

[+1 | +2 | +3] to all attack rolls made with this weapon.

Braced Grip

  • COST: 500 gp
  • REQ: Light Crossbow, Tinkerer

This weapon is given the Light property.


  • COST: 200 gp
  • REQ: Crossbow, Tinkerer or Weaponsmith

This weapon can be used as a simple melee weapon with the finesse property, dealing [1d6+STR/DEX] on a successful strike.

Forward Grip

  • COST: 450 gp
  • REQ: Heavy Crossbow, Tinkerer

+1 to all attack rolls with this weapon.

Grapnel Mechanism†

  • COST: 850 gp
  • REQ: Heavy Crossbow, Tinkerer
  • SPECIAL: Permanent modification

This heavy crossbow has been so extensively modified, it may not be appropriate to still refer to it as a crossbow. Instead of firing bolts, the crossbow has been loaded with a modified grappling hook, which can be fired from the weapon as an Action.

Secured to the grappling hook is a chemically-coated silk rope, which extends and unwinds to 50 feet, while the hook is designed to be launched 55 feet. If the target is suitable, the hook will “catch.” (If the weapon is fired at an enemy, it utilizes the crossbow’s current attack bonuses, but deals 1D8 bludgeoning damage if the projectile hits.)

When the hook is “caught,” the wielder may activate the crossbow’s Winding ability as a bonus action, to rewind the rope back into the crossbow. If the “caught” target is a wall, a parapet, or another sturdy and secure structure, then the wielder is pulled to the grappling hook during the bonus action. If the “caught” target is unsecured, the target is pulled towards the wielder.

If the “caught” target is a creature, the target can choose to make an opposing strength check against the wielder to “brace” itself and cause the wielder to be pulled to the target.

Only one grapnel mechanism may be installed into a heavy crossbow.

String Silencer

  • COST: 400 gp
  • REQ: Any Bow, Bowyer or Alchemist

A modified chemical coating of a bow’s string which causes an arrow to be fired without any sound.

When making an attack from stealth, roll your Stealth check to attempt hiding again as part of the attack.

NOTE: Modification only applies to a single string, and cannot be transferred if the string is replaced.

Collapsable Construction†

  • COST: 800 gp
  • REQ: Any Ranged Weapon, Tinkerer
  • SPECIAL: Permanent modification

Gnomish tinkerers have taken this weapon and have worked it to be collapsable, into a small enough size to inconspicuously hook onto the wielder’s belt or in a pack unnoticed.

This weapon can be collapsed and stowed, or inversely drawn and readied, as a bonus action. While collapsed, this weapon creates disadvantage on any perception check to notice its presence.

Weapon maintains its same weight in collapsed form.

Edged Bow

  • COST: 200 gp
  • REQ: Any Bow, Tinkerer or Weaponsmith

This bow has been reinforced, and features a modified shortsword implemented in the lower arm, allowing it to be used as a melee weapon.

In melee, weapon is considered a Martial Melee Weapon with the Finesse property, and attacks with a -1 to attack rolls, dealing (1d6 + STR/DEX) slashing damage on success.

NOTE: The blade on this weapon CAN be modified to be Serrated.

Silenced Pipe

  • COST: 100 gp
  • REQ: Blowgun, Tinkerer or Weaponsmith
  • SPECIAL: Permanent modification.

The tube of this blowpipe has been polished with a special treatment, allowing it to be fired with absolute silence.

When making an attack from stealth, player can continue to remain stealthed without making an additional check.

Hidden Barb Net†

  • COST: 500 gp
  • REQ: Net, Tinkerer, Bowyer, Leathersmith or Weaponsmith
  • SPECIAL: Permanent modification

This net has been weaved with hundreds of small hidden barbs sewn into it, which extend and then grip and tear at the flesh of a person caught inside, but increase the net’s weight.

If an attack with the weapon is successful, the weapon deals 1d6 piercing damage to the target, and they are restrained.

A creature cannot free themselves from this net without assistance, and take 1d4 piercing damage each round they are restrained, unless they are wearing metal armor, have armored skin, or other such protection.

As an Action, an individual can retract the net’s barbs by gripping the net’s mechanism. This allows the net to be treated as a normal net, though the target is still restrained.

Wrist Crossbow†

  • COST: 500 gp
  • REQ: Hand Crossbow, Tinkerer
  • SPECIAL: Permanent modification

This crossbow has been designed to brace on a wrist gauntlet, allowing it to be “sheathed” and “drawn” quickly without actively holding the weapon in hand. It’s a convenient tool for those who prefer two-handed melee weapons.

Weapon can be “sheathed” or “drawn” as a free action, allowing the hand crossbow to be fired immediately. The wrist crossbow still requires a free hand to reload.

If two wrist crossbows are wielded on two hands, each hand counts as “free” as far as loading is concerned.

Ranged Weapon Mods

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