• Allows Armor and Armor Modifications to be created within the Stronghold.
    • Enables Special Crafting Materials for Armor
    • All Common Armor and Armor Modifications are created for half-cost.

Many a Guard and Paladin has called for the gods’ blessing upon their armorer in the heat of battle, as a well-crafted plate has saved them from injury from a monster’s teeth or an enemy’s weapon. Skilled armorers are sought out by fighters of every kind in Auveron, and though The Bastion and The Order employ very skilled craftspersons, an independent Armorer of excellent skill can compete with the best of them.

Armorers chiefly work with medium and heavy armors, customizing and modifying metal and cloth so that it moves with the wearer properly. Skilled armorers are also able to modify armor, increasing flexibility, lightening weight, and even increasing protection by using stronger materials.

Several armorers, as well, learn the trade of leathersmiths, so as to better utilize multiple materials in their craft, and some have even learned the arts of runecrafting, able to infuse their custom-created armors with runes to increase strength, power, and resistances to damage types.

While sometimes able to provide the simple services of smiths, armorers are often less-comfortable with the crafting of weapons than they are with armor and shields.

Crafting Materials (Armor)

A new set of armor can be forged from these materials by a craftsman of sufficient skill. A previous set cannot be reforged in this way. Any armor crafted in this way will be permanently constituted of said material.


  • COST: Standard Cost + 400 gp
  • REQ: Any Medium or Heavy Armor, Armorer

A relatively common ore utilized primarily to battle lycanthropes, abominations, and other similar creatures.

Silver armor grants resistance to all attacks made by lycanthropes, abominations, and other similar creatures, but has -1 AC against all other creature types.


  • COST: Standard Cost + 8000 gp
  • REQ: Any Heavy Armor, Armorer

This rare and powerful ore is found only in limited quantities deep beneath the surface, seemingly pressurized by the planet’s weight into an extremely dense, almost magically-infused metal. Working with this metal requires considerable strength and skill, but the results of such a weapon are unparalleled.

Any armor made of adamantine ore is virtually unbreakable once forged, and can withstand even the toughest of enemy resistances. Due to its density, the armor requires considerable strength to wear, but renders the wearer nearly invulnerable.

Adamantine armor requires at least 16 STR to wear, else the target will be at disadvantage for Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution checks, as well as any attacks made while wearing the armor.

Because of its density, Adamantine armor grants +1 AC, and resistance to all non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. It is also twice as heavy as normal armor.

Adamantine weapons can pierce the armor’s resistance, and deal full damage.


  • COST: Standard Cost + 2000 gp
  • REQ: Any Armor, Armorer

The exotic metal, Mithril, is as strong as steel, but significantly lighter, and considerably more rare. It is the favored material of agile warriors and skirmishing assassins.

Any armor made of Mithril weighs half of a normal set, removes any STR requirements to wear, and removes any disadvantage on stealth checks.

However, due to its construction, any Heavy Armor made of Mithril is worn with -1 AC.

Cold Iron

  • COST: Standard Cost + 1200 gp
  • REQ: Any Armor, Armorer

Used and refined by the legendary wraith hunters Toben and Dorshan, Cold Iron is a material specifically designed to combat ghosts, wraiths, and other transplanar creatures. Extremely cold to the touch, sustained contact with the armor will deal 1d4 cold damage per minute. (This will not affect the wearer due to proper insulation.)

Cold Iron armor grants resistance to all attacks made by transplanar creatures, but has -1 AC against all other creature types. Cold Iron also prevents transplanar creatures from moving through a wearer’s space. As a side effect of the material, Cold Iron Armor also grants resistance to any Cold damage.


  • COST: Standard Cost + 2000 gp
  • REQ: Any Light or Medium non-metal armor, Armorer or Leathersmith

An exceptionally sturdy yet flexible material harvested from the skin of a dragon. Its unique properties allow it to move with the wearer almost as if it were actually skin itself.

Any armor made of Dragonhide grants advantage on all stealth checks, and due to its sturdy construction, grants an additional modpoint.


  • COST: Standard Cost + 3500 gp
  • REQ: Any Medium or Heavy Armor, Armorer

A very rare material harvested from a slain adult or ancient dragon, Dragonplate is used for weapons and armor, and is well prized due to its flexibility, durability, and its unique resilience properties.

Armor crafted from Dragonplate inherits the color and elemental properties of its source, and so naturally gains immunity to damage of the same type:

  • Dragon Types
    • Black, Copper – Acid
    • Blue, Bronze – Lightning
    • Green – Poison
    • Red, Brass, Gold – Fire
    • White, Silver – Cold
    • Shadow – Necrotic

NOTE: A rune of the same type as the armor will have no effect. By example, a Fire Rune crafted onto Brass Dragonplate Armor will not increase the armor’s Fire Resistance.


  • COST: Standard Cost + 1500 gp
  • REQ: Any Armor, Armorer

Sometimes called “living gold,” or “flow gold,” Lifegold is a unique material that has been magically embedded with the life force of the very earth around it. Despite the toughness of the material when crafted properly, it always looks as if the material itself is actually alive and moving.

Lifegold is extremely potent for defending against the undead.

Lifegold armor grants resistance against any attack made by undead, but is -1 AC against any other creature type.


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