Season 2
Things never seem to get any easier...

Season 2

  • Episode 01 – Dust Settles
    • The newly-christened “Heroes of Auveron” deal with newfound fame while the spectre of war looms darkly in the distance.
  • Episode 02 – The Devil’s in the Details
    • With both Tippen’s soul in jeopardy, the Exarchs hope to stop the denizens of The After from crossing the planes.
  • Episode 03 – Ins and Outs
    • The opening of a hellspore has the citizens concerned, the Council is looking for solutions, and the Exarchs are having some internal strife.
  • Episode 04 – Where There’s Smoke
    • The Exarchs prepare for their mission into The After, unsure of what awaits them below.
  • Episode 05 – Check the Gate
    • With the newest attack from The After cooling, the Exarchs seek for answers from unusual potential allies.
  • Episode 06 – Out of the Frying Pan
    • The adventurers find themselves in the heat of The After, with a dangerous mission ahead and an unknown danger behind them.
  • Episode 07 – Trials
    • The adventurers seek to enter a gauntlet to prove themselves and gain a chance to challenge Guyawata for one of the Dread Thrones.
  • Episode 08 – Long Way Down
    • Having entered the gauntlet, the Exarchs continue their dangerous journey into the depths of the Maelborge.
  • Episode 09 – Two Eyes Closed
    • Tantalssus the Cyclops has been killed, and the Exarchs stand victorious in the First Circle of the Maleborge.
  • Episode 10 – All Out of Love
    • The Exarchs have bested the Garden of Succubi, and have reached the precipice of the Third Circle.
  • Episode 11 – The Devil’s Wrath
    • Step by step, the Exarchs walk willingly into the depths of the devils’ domain, hoping to find the exit.
  • Episode 12 – Blood Flows
    • With rage coiling within and between them, the Exarchs continue their path into the 6th Circle of the Maelborge.
  • Episode 13 – Reconciliation
    • Having bested the devils of Heresy and Violence, the Exarchs were offered, and eagerly accepted a shortcut through the 8th Circle, and find themselves before a pair of blazing violent blue eyes.
  • Episode 14 – Threshold
    • After surviving the Gauntlet and exiting the Maelborge, Tippen and the Exarchs claim their boon to attempt to set the Praetor free in a battle of the bards against Guyawata.
  • Episode 15 – Three Years Later
    • The Exarchs struggle to reconcile with the passage of three years since they travelled into The After, as they find themselves far from Auveron in the city of Delta Potamos.
  • Episode 16 – Freewalking
    • Struggling against urges to simply leave for their homeland, the Exarchs are embroiled into a case surrounding the murder of the High Aeronok of the Velress Dragonborn Clan.
  • Episode 17 – Beam in the Sky
    • Having discovered the High Aeronok’s plot, the Exarchs plunge into the depths of Wondial’s buried temple to remove the invader, as the necromancer Bathsheba fights to keep the necromantic energy from enveloping the entire city of Shethsari.
Season 1

Season 1

  • Episode 01 – Pilot
    • New exarchs are made, not born, as the party survives the Vision of the Exarch.
  • Episode 02 – Exarchs
    • The new exarchs are sent to resolve a dispute between two rival nobles.
  • Episode 03 – Noble Conundrum
    • Having interviewed both nobles, the kidnapping of Lady Heartore’s daughter is proving more thorny than anticipated, but Malcon’s sudden disappearance is very suspicious.
  • Episode 04 – What Lies Beneath
    • Investigating the Malcon House is proving more intriguing and dangerous than the Exarchs had first anticipated.
  • Episode 05 – Conspiracy
    • With Lord Malcon in custody, the Exarchs are looking for answers, and plan to get them through ruthless negotiation.
  • Episode 06 – Sanctuary
    • The Exarchs have made a begrudged deal with Malcon – a small trinket in exchange for answers about The Corrupture. But the recent discovery of “The Gray Sand” re-emerging has brought new attention from the Council.
  • Episode 07 – Superstition
    • Having hopefully recovered the trinket that Malcon has required of them, the Exarchs have boarded their hired ship and are returning back to the city of Lucerne.
  • Episode 08 – Research
    • The party search for information about the Brotherhood of Infinity, hoping to track down a clue that may help them in their quest to stop a looming catastrophe.
  • Episode 09 – Caving In
    • Having invaded what was claimed to be an ancient Brotherhood site, the party has killed a small group of orcs that they discovered there.
  • Episode 10 – Rumbles of War
    • The Exarchs have discovered possible duplicity from Lord Malcon.
  • Episode 11 – Diplomatic Solutions
    • Argo, an Orc Diplomat, has approached the party asking for their assistance.
  • Episode 12 – Loud Noises
    • The party investigates a stronghold they believe is related to the Brotherhood of Infinity.
  • Episode 13 – Smoking Ruins
    • Malcon, the technomancing noble, has escaped.
  • Episode 14 – Unseen and Unheard
    • The city of Lucerne is readying for the Day of Reformation, and a blood-draining criminal is still on the loose.
  • Episode 15 – Rites and Wrongs
    • Captain Drummond has insisted that the party attend a funeral, despite the Exarchs’ terrible discovery below the Crimson District.
  • Episode 16 – Take Me to the Crush
    • The party is hot on the heels of the false jack from the kidnappers’ lair.
  • Episode 17 – Blood Money
    • The Exarchs are looking to confront Abena Morelli over her trade in the blood of innocents.
  • Episode 18 – Distant Thunder
    • Having followed the trail of blood to its conclusion, the Exarchs return to the Bastion of Lucerne.
  • Episode 19 – Blood is Thicker
    • A cursed sword. A new stronghold. Social engagements. The Exarchs establish themselves within Lucerne as the city completes preparations for the Day of Reformation Festival.
  • Episode 20 – On the Town
    • As the Exarchs get used to their new home (and an unexpected roommate), Jezebel hopes for a date with the quirky Professor Dixon. Predictably, such a thing is unlikely to go as simply as expected.
  • Episode 21 – Tick Tick Tick
    • The burser is dead. Others are in danger. On the eve of Reformation, time is running out for anyone that Malcon has decided is a threat.
  • Episode 22 – Reformation
    • With only hours until the Day of Reformation festivities commence, the Exarchs must come up with a plan to counter Malcon’s upcoming attack upon the heart of the city itself.
  • Episode 22, Part 2 – Resolution
    • The Exarchs have beat the odds and survived, saving their charges… So far. But a new threat has appeared like a bomb from the sky.

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