Season 2

Things never seem to get any easier...

Season 2

  • Episode 01 – Dust Settles
    • The newly-christened “Heroes of Auveron” deal with newfound fame while the spectre of war looms darkly in the distance.
  • Episode 02 – The Devil’s in the Details
    • With both Tippen’s soul in jeopardy, the Exarchs hope to stop the denizens of The After from crossing the planes.
  • Episode 03 – Ins and Outs
    • The opening of a hellspore has the citizens concerned, the Council is looking for solutions, and the Exarchs are having some internal strife.
  • Episode 04 – Where There’s Smoke
    • The Exarchs prepare for their mission into The After, unsure of what awaits them below.
  • Episode 05 – Check the Gate
    • With the newest attack from The After cooling, the Exarchs seek for answers from unusual potential allies.
  • Episode 06 – Out of the Frying Pan
    • The adventurers find themselves in the heat of The After, with a dangerous mission ahead and an unknown danger behind them.
  • Episode 07 – Trials
    • The adventurers seek to enter a gauntlet to prove themselves and gain a chance to challenge Guyawata for one of the Dread Thrones.
  • Episode 08 – Long Way Down
    • Having entered the gauntlet, the Exarchs continue their dangerous journey into the depths of the Maelborge.
  • Episode 09 – Two Eyes Closed
    • Tantalssus the Cyclops has been killed, and the Exarchs stand victorious in the First Circle of the Maleborge.
  • Episode 10 – All Out of Love
    • The Exarchs have bested the Garden of Succubi, and have reached the precipice of the Third Circle.
  • Episode 11 – The Devil’s Wrath
    • Step by step, the Exarchs walk willingly into the depths of the devils’ domain, hoping to find the exit.
  • Episode 12 – Blood Flows
    • With rage coiling within and between them, the Exarchs continue their path into the 6th Circle of the Maelborge.


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